Project Log 9: Maybe maybes

A project log for Converting Inkjet printers into FDM 3D printers

Inkjets could be used as an FDM Resin 3D printer by replacing the ink by other fluids and adding a Z axis.

fulanodetailFulanoDetail 09/28/2022 at 21:180 Comments

Project Log 9: 

18:06 hours - Brasilia Timezone - 28 of September

I took all day to disassemble these inkjet printers and I obtained a lot of parts...

But... Sigh...

Well, as you can see in the first image below, I got 2 printing heads, 2 stepper motors and 2 motors that are probably DC motors. A lot of gears and a lot of rods... And some PCB circuits that I will maybe take apart to use the resistors and things like that.

The problem is that I feel like this was a disaster a waste of time and effort (and sweat).

I was as careful as I possibly could, but every time I was trying to disassemble, things started to fall to the ground, break or disappear.

And I feel like I broke a lot of things that shouldn't have been broken, and lost a lot of things that shouldn't have been lost.

The printing heads came rolled into cotton pieces so dirty that I thought it was actually a layer of rust and dust that clumped together over time, but after taking the "bad part" apart in a not so gentle manner, I finally understood that it was actually an envelope to secure the printing heads.

Even if these were working, I don't know if they are anymore. And I need a new to secure and store them.

And that also apply to the circuits, they were dirty as heck, but they weren't broken. And I don't know if would be possible to "hack" the system to replace it with something like the program used on open source 3D printers.

Anyway, I will keep going, but I will complain all the time.