Project Log 10: Maybe I need help...?

A project log for Converting Inkjet printers into FDM 3D printers

Inkjets could be used as an FDM Resin 3D printer by replacing the ink by other fluids and adding a Z axis.

fulanodetailFulanoDetail 10/02/2022 at 21:200 Comments

Project Log 10: 

18:05 hours - Brasilia Timezone - 2 of October

Great news that I forgor to talk about: I got more printers and even more printers are coming!

These few days have been quite... Agitaded for me. I got some new tools too, but I don't know if they will be useful for this project.

Also, I need some help with some things. In specific, I'm trying to save the printer encoders.

Of course, I'm starting to study about this subject in specific, since it has a ton of free tutorials on the internet (including here on hackaday). But if you already have an answer for that, I wouldn't complain if you commented it or tried for yourself and completed the project before me so I don't need to finish it...

Just sayin... 👀

So, first item for the project acquired: printer rail.

I'm just saving this rail in specific because I will study about encoders and the circuits.

This thign were I'm pointing at is the linear encoder of the printer rail, I will have to figure out how to remove it from the pcb and insert it in a future pcb. And the plastic thingie too, since I will need to control the damn thing...

Below is the back of said pcb, those five dots protuding from the pcb are the downside of the encoder.

I don't know what to do with the rest of the damn thing, but I will try messing with it later.

I feel like I will take a while to finish studying, to be honest... So I think I will start with the structure itself using some PVC tubes or whatever.

I will try to make a 3D model of it tomorrow.