ESP32 Dual-screen watch

A smartwatch designed to have many functions whilst utilizing a unique dual-OLED display for visual complexity!

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Firstly, this dual-screen watch was made with a multi-purpose role in mind, meaning that it can do more than just tell time, it can also display the date, measure the steps you took, and many more. These functions programmed in were made possible by the power of the Esp32, which is a massive leap from the Arduino nano, most notably the amount of ram and storage the Esp32 has. To make it more unique, I decided to add a secondary OLED screen since while designing the watch (as a prototype), I see that the screen was too small, and hence that is why I decided to install the screen.

One of the reasons why I wanted to build this device is because I wanted to give myself a challenge, for which I want to see if it's possible to create something that is small and compact together, like a watch. And secondly, I wanted to resurrect a project I have made since 2019, which was my iteration of a "Fitbit" back in UCSD, and looking back, I believe I can do a lot more bet

Starting off with the functions, here's what it can do:

> Has an appealing GUI to make navigating with 5 buttons easily, and to save the OLEDs from burnout and increase the battery lifespan, it can go into light sleep automatically for a certain amount of seconds (only in GUI and time function)

 > GPS function (shows you your coordinates, speed and altitude, the GPS time and date, and measuring the distance from point A to point B, as well as cardinal directions.)

> Main time/date function, along with the ability to sync up time with the GPS and or External RTC(coming soon) to the Esp32's internal RTC.

> Health functionality: Heartrate detection (uses an external sensor, see the pic of how it's used), and a pedometer for calculating the steps you took.

> Games: can play Tetris and pong for added entertainment.

> Utility function: Has a stopwatch that also has a way to keep laps of time as well as an adjustable countdown timer.

> Misc functions: A visual on seeing how the mpu6050 operates, and the temperature function that uses the small dht11 sensor.

> Networking: has a wifi scanning functionality (though you will need to restart it every time you're done)

> Settings: You can adjust the CPU clock cycle, adjust the sleep time, enable/diable wifi, and/or even turn off the second OLED to make the watch run smoothly!

x-arduino - 188.17 kB - 10/16/2022 at 17:10


stl-binary - 17.86 kB - 10/16/2022 at 17:09


stl-binary - 144.42 kB - 10/16/2022 at 17:09


  • 1 × ESP32 board
  • 1 × Mpu6050 sensor
  • 1 × GPS module (bn-220)
  • 2 × 128x64 OLED display
  • 1 × 900 mah li-ion battery

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  • New casing and more

    David Truong09/30/2022 at 01:55 0 comments

    After several iterations, I decided that I would need to 3-d print a new case, so that's what I did, along with a few sacrifices to ensure that the watch is smaller than before. For example, I decided to make the GPS module removable and removed the entire charger board inside so you can use it externally.

  • Comparison

    David Truong09/11/2022 at 09:35 0 comments

    Comparing my watch to the Casio watch, and looking at them both, I can see that my watch is a bit larger than the Casio watch, but again, it can still do more.

  • Will it wear?

    David Truong09/11/2022 at 09:32 0 comments

    Test fit, just to see if it is wearable like a watch, and despite all the crammed components, its pretty lightweight.

  • Second attempt

    David Truong09/11/2022 at 09:30 0 comments

    By 8/25/2022, I have decided to fill in the spaces, until they are closely packed together.

  • First time

    David Truong09/11/2022 at 09:27 0 comments

    My first iteration of a compact watch.

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Jeremy S. Cook wrote 09/12/2022 at 12:41 point

So the first version used an Arduino Nano? Got any info on that one? Also, are you using the MPU6050 for pedometer tracking?

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