Completing the migration to PlatformIO

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Turning an obsolete video editor console into a mothership-sized keyboard + trackball + stream deck

noughtnautnoughtnaut 02/12/2023 at 22:010 Comments

# Underside Teensy solder pad "pins" are fragile

I've struggled a ton with understanding why my keyboard was acting up: some keys were unresponsive, and some reported keypresses for themselves and other keys. Turns out, it's a hardware issue, and the "active low" logic had me all confounded.

By profession I'm a programmer not an electronics engineer, so it wasn't easy for me to get all those solder pad "pins" on the underside of the Teensy connected. I'd used a standard dual-row header where I'd bent the top of the pins 90* outwards, but it turned out to be super fiddly to get them all aligned and I managed to destroy two of the pads. Well, I've apparently managed to destroy some more: I've got a big desk but a huge console and so I shuffle things around a lot, and apparently out of the pins numbered 40-53 it's not just 41 and 42 that were broken, but (now) also 40 and 51 which I use for addressing the keyboard. In figuring out replacement pins, I discovered that pins 43-48 don't work either -- so out of the 18 solder pad "pins" I only have six remaining that actually work, two of which are still unused. This leaves me with a total of 11 unused pins; I hope that's enough for the trackball and the seven rotary encoders...

# Keyboard driver revamp hurdles

As mentioned in my previous log entry, now that I'm using CLion I've returned to the PlatformIO framework. This combination provides me with a pleasantly integrated development experience.

As planned, I'm now reworking the keyboard driver, but it's giving me some grief. The PlatformIO project is configured for a Teensy 3.5, but the Keyboard.h file (provided in ~/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoteensy/cores/teensy3/) contains a comment literally saying it's an "empty Keyboard.h file". I suppose this is a configuration issue and that there is a way to make the compiler (and IDE) understand to use the stock Arduino header file.

I've asked the oracle yet again, but so far no guidance.