• I think it's feasible

    myqtmyq11/05/2022 at 07:21 0 comments

    I bought a binocular synchronous camera. It supports the UVC protocol and comes with a Windows software that can obtain images. I plugged the camera and the previous screen into the computer, and then tried to put the screen on the vr glasses. I felt that it was OK, the frame count definition was OK, and it was slightly delayed. Seeing things is a little narrow, which may be due to the large field angle. The next step is how to use my development board to complete this function.

  • orangepi

    myqtmyq11/05/2022 at 06:39 0 comments

    I have now selected a domestic development board to complete this function. This development board is called Orange Pi, and it uses Allwinner_H3 chip. I wanted to use raspberry pi, but it is too expensive, so I gave it up. Although the Orange Pie is cheap, it does not seem to have many resources,and there are not many online tutorials. I have no experience in the field of mpu, so I think I need a lot of time to learn how to use it.

  • I chose a MIPI interface, a 6-inch, 2k resolution LCD as my display screen.

    myqtmyq09/21/2022 at 17:13 0 comments

    I chose a MIPI interface, a 6-inch, 2k resolution LCD as my display screen. I found that the 6-inch screen can just cover the view of the VR box. In order to make the picture clear and smooth, I originally planned to use a screen with HDMI interface, but I didn't find a 6-inch screen with this interface, so I decided to use a screen with MIPI interface. As for the control chip, I planned to use STM32F469 to control at first, because I only learned how to use STM32 series chips, and it has its own MIPI-DSI interface. But later I found that controlling such a high resolution display beyond its capacity. So I started looking for better performance chips. However, I found that the high-performance chip only has an HDMI interface and no MIPI interface, so the screen I selected comes with an HDMI to MIPI module. As for the self-made module, I did find some open source materials, but this is not so easy for me, because I have never been exposed to the HDMI protocol. I want to finish the functions of this project first, so I don't want to spend time on it for the time being. And such a module is not very expensive, which is acceptable to me. So the problems of the self-made module should be put off until i finish the function

  • my vr device

    myqtmyq09/13/2022 at 14:24 0 comments

    I choose Google's vr box as my vr device.it's very cheep and enough for my project