Now it's possible to detect location in centimeter-Level accuracy and, Multi-brand RTK. This GPS-RTK board project is currently live on Kickstarter and developed by UK-based electronics engineer Jyoti Singh, GPS-RTK support many SBCs & Controllers, and is also specially designed for Raspberry PiGPS-RTK HAT is compact, small in size with an amazing feature, GPS RTK has onboard programmable display to display many things which GPS-RTK should have, it also supports augment positioning with anti-spoofing & anti-jamming features.

Raspberry Pi HAT Launched, Can Detect Location with Centimeter-Level Accuracy

Due to the powerful GNSS modules that can be used with a variety of satellite systems, it's now possible for users of private devices to pinpoint mobile devices in an hour and with a high level of accuracy in all situations. In terms of concrete, the exact location usually differs by a couple of meters, for navigational purposes for instance. It is fully sufficient.

Raspberry Pi HAT Launched, Can Detect Location with Centimeter-Level Accuracy

However, there are some situations that require a more precise location. GPS RTK is a great option for precise location. GPS RTK is built on the notion that as well as the device that is the endpoint whose location must be determined, there is also a base station that is fixed. The location of this base station needs to be determined precisely. The exact location where the station is located could be determined by using fixed points as well as traditional surveying techniques.

The board can be used with GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou and in RTK mode, an precision of 0.01 meters, with an error of 0.0001 per cent is achievable. The time to measure one measuring point is under 10 seconds. the cold start will take less than a half-minute even in the most extreme case.

In the shortage of Raspberry Pi Jyoti, has taken care of it as she provides a kit including Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board along with this amazing GPS-RTK HAT, but only 10 people will get this Raspberry Pi 4 board, for more information you can visit GPS-RTK official Kickstarter page.