Dice Roller

A project log for Cyberdeck RPG Character Tracker

a tiny cyberdeck, hopefully awesomely 80s, that can show an RPG character's stats, check out the gear list, and roll some dice

Melissa MatosMelissa Matos 09/23/2022 at 16:290 Comments

I got the dice roller working. For Shadowrun one needs to know how many dice (which can be a lot, sometimes 19 to 23 d6s), how many are successes (5s or 6s), sometimes how many 6s, and how many are 1s or glitches. So greens are successes, blue is 6s, red is 1s. Hitting the right capaxitative touch button clears it, as the left one clears the stats screen. Center button takes you home.

Next, I'm going to branch into something I've never tried. You may have noticed the Comms button on the home screen. I'm going to try setting up an MQTT chat with a website.