A life-sized robotic pony

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The PoneBot will be a 3'6" pony robot that will be able to walk and talk. The main goal of the project is to create a skeleton, motion system, and pony shell that a pony chatbot with TTS can "slot in" to.

- The motion system

Create a BLDC actuator with or without gears driven by moteus controllers (mjbots is not affiliated with this project) 
Adapt the moteus quadruped control system to more than two joints per leg
Create a frame made from Aluminum Extrusions, Carbon Fiber Rods, or equivalent
Produce an outer pony shell that can screw into the frame. It will be made from 3d printed plastic. The model will be commissioned and printed in pieces. I am looking for Blender artists that can make one.

- The chatbot system (I can't do this part on my own)
Pony chatbot models. ex: purplesmart's wip PonyAi, ect
Pony talknet tts models

  • Prototype Motor

    Amreschizo09/14/2022 at 19:11 0 comments

    An 8318 motor attached to a moteus 4.11 (mjbots not affiliated with this project) by a PC-Max bracket. The bracket is printed on a garolite bed with a gluestick and enclosure for no warping or lifting. The power wires are 16 ga soldered to banana connectors to the drone power wires. The magnet was installed by first drilling a hole in the stationary motor bolt, then supergluing the hall effect magnet into the groove.

  • Filament Hoard

    Amreschizo09/14/2022 at 17:40 0 comments

    2x PC-Max Polycarbonate

    1x Nylon Co-PA

    1x 4kg Ecomax PLA

    1x CF-Nylon

    PC for stiff parts under high temperature, Co-PA for the planetary gearset, PLA for prototyping/model casting, and CF-Nylon for nylon reinforcement.

  • Filament Dryer

    Amreschizo09/14/2022 at 16:26 0 comments

    Polymax PC (PC-Max) 3kg roll on top of a food dehydrator (165F max temp). All the food trays were cut out of the rings to make a dryer just big enough for the roll. The polycarbonate doesn't really need drying it seems, and it helps to use it inside an enclosure. Nylons and ASA definitely need to be dried and bagged before use.

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