Auto leveling: Use the full area of the PCB

A project log for Raspberry Pi Pico CNC Shield xSB

I do have the vision, of a cheap CNC Board. Whose creation does not require more equipment and skills as a hobbyist would have.

DD-Y41613DD-Y41613 09/28/2022 at 18:070 Comments

The photo "PCB v0.1 good and bad together.jpg" shows a good example of what can go wrong port II.

I had chosen a smaller size for auto leveling than the PCB had been. I had increase X-Min, because  near the top (Y) the milling bit would be outside the PCBmaterial.
And I had ignored review the result of the auto leveling the 3D view.

In result, bCNC had calculated the surface  around the edge of X-Min is higher ... so the mill did not touched the 10mm strip on the left (X-Min).