What a long strange trip - it's been

A project log for Tachyonic Quasi-Crystals vs. Unobtainium?

Saving the world isn't easy. Yet maybe the solution is simple: Just plant a seed. Or write some code - one day, or line ... at a time.

glgormanglgorman 10/09/2022 at 09:000 Comments

Then again, like I once said, even though the Pascal compiler has reached "hello world" status, meaning that it seems to be generating something that looks like a binary p-code image - (including Linker info - finally!) there is still the notion of trying to make use somehow of the Parallax Propeller P2 chips built in FORTH interpreter - which out the box appears to support 432 FORTH "words"; giving rise to the idea that it should be quite simple from this point forward to not only take the approach of creating a p-machine for Arduino and/or Propeller but of also having a Pascal to Forth converter which makes use of the C++ version of the Propeller Debug Terminal, which was the major focus of last years project.  The next steps therefore will involve project integration as well as debugging.  Right now the Pascal compiler has some issues with not correctly handling the record type when compiling the actual body of a program, even though it seems to get through the first phase of compiling even the most complicated programs correctly with respect to handling CONST, TYPE, and VAR declarations, even when the compiler tries to compile itself.

Then - onto hardware fabrication, of SOMETHING that does SOMETHING more than just sit there and blink!