No more sticky tweezers! Use the force! (of the vacuum)

Just order a (specific) vacuum pump for a few bucks, a (mostly useless) mechanical vacuum pen with probes, and 3D print an adapter. Yes, it's that easy to make your DIY vacuum pickup tool.

And maybe some glue, the tip should be glued in place because the motor is a snug fit, but the tip is a bit loose, and you don't want the vacuum to escape!

Exact pump and other links are in the original blogpost.

Future plans: order ALL the different type of cheap vacuum pumps and make an adapter for each. Also to borrow the vacuum meter from the local HVAC guy and make some measurements. It would be nice to have a chart with data like "so much mmHg vacuum is good up to SO-16"

Since the goal is to make the cheapest (and still usable) tool, foot pedals and other fancy upgrades are out of scope, but it's only a matter of a DC-DC regulator and a foot pedal switch. (if you are handling tiny SMD parts you already know how to install them)