Bike Tube Bow Tie

A bow tie made out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes

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It's a bow tie, simply cut out of a bicycle inner tube, no sewing or other materials needed (except a printed A4 sheet of paper). It is one piece, but there is no opening mechanism nor is it adjustable in length.


Scan of a bow tie

Adobe Portable Document Format - 332.76 kB - 09/21/2022 at 16:22



Cutting template

Adobe Portable Document Format - 9.79 kB - 09/20/2022 at 20:19


  • 1 × Bicycle inner tube

  • 1
    Print the cutting template and cut it out

    Print the cutting template on a A4 sheet of paper and cut out both bow tie ends.

    Note that this version has not been tested yet. You can also create your own, e.g. by making use of the scanned bow tie. There are also plenty of other good cutting templates out there (direct link to PDF).

  • 2
    Stick the cutting templates on the inner tube and cut out the inner tube
    Double sided is probably the most comfortable, but you can use any tape to stick the template to the inner tube. Probably it's a good idea to cut the inner tube in half lengthwise and wash it beforehand. Then cut out the inner tube.

    The total length of the bow tie should be 52.5cm + your neck circumference.

  • 3
    Tie the bow tie

    Find some tutorial how to tie a bow tie and tie the bow tie. The inner tube is elastic, so it can be pulled over your head without untying the bow tie.

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