Two-Wheel Balancing Robot

Just another balancing robot made (almost) entirely out of scratch parts.

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I built this balancing robot using a MPU6050 gyro and an Arduino nano board. The chassis is just a perfboard (I once mistakenly ordered some without copper) and the drive is built using a dc motor and gears from a cd drive. The motor is controlled by a h-bridge with bipolar transistors i built. The regulation code is mostly adapted from similar builts i found on the internet although i changed it to not use PWM to control the motor cause it was too weak and this way it works better even if its pretty shaky.

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hellboy wrote 10/15/2014 at 09:20 point
Hi Marceli,
I want to make balancing robot with ardunio uno but I dont know what I use my balancing robot materials. So can you help me ? what can I use my Project and also I have 2 dc motor and L293D, IR sensor. Thanks in advance

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Marcel wrote 11/02/2014 at 12:41 point
Well, in my project I used an accelerometer/gyro , so if you want to use an IR Sensor instead to measure the robot's incline this would be a very different approach. Basically you have to measure with your IR sensor so that you can tell if the robot is leaning forward or backward so that you can then drive the wheels in the opposite direction. I hope this helps you but I propose you search for a similar project in google that already uses an IR sensor if you really have no idea.

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