LATTEintosh DIY Mini PC

LATTEintosh is a DIY PC Made entirely from scratch, Latte Panda 3 Delta is used here and it runs Windows 10!

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LATTEintosh is a full-size Macintosh 128K-inspired PC completely 3D Printed and made from Scratch, The heart and brain of this project are a Latte Panda 3 Delta which is a Single Board computer powered by an Intel N5105 11th Gen Mobile Processor, it has 8GB LDDR4 Memory with 64GB eMMC onboard.
As for the display, I'm using a 7-inch HD Display from a previous project that was a Handheld Gaming device. That setup was functional but it lacked power as it had Raspberry Pi 3B+ with only 1GB Ram.

However, this current setup more is much powerful in terms of processing power, RAM, Storage, and other stuff.

For the PC Enclosure, I've modeled the whole thing by taking inspiration from the original 1980s Macintosh 128K PC.

Fusion360 was used to prepare the model and I then exported everything and use my good old ender 3 for printing every part with White and Orange PLA.

Story Behind the Idea of Recreating the Macintosh 128K Themed PC

This all starts with the original Macintosh 128K, I'm from India, and computers were introduced to the public in the late 90s. my father bought an old Macintosh 128K that he used to prepare some documents. I used it for playing games mostly.

My first PC was a Compaq Desktop that run windows98 and that was a massive change from Mac's black and white interface to a full-color display and it had soo many things on it.

Macintosh was better looking because it was an all-in-one PC of early age which was a cool thing, its hardware might not be better than my later PC but it still had an Aesthetic impact on me to this day.

the Goal of this project was to recreate a Retro icon with new hardware, so I took inspiration from the Macintosh 128K and model my own version in Fusion360.

For the screen, I used a 7-inch Display that was salvaged from a previous project I built, I modeled it and prepared the body around the display.

Because it's a Big Project to build and 3D Print, I made the model in 3 Parts, the Base body or Front Cover, the Middle part, and the bottom lid.

Front Cover Holds the Display, the Middle part holds the single board computer, and the bottom lid holds the fan.

Basic Setup

The Main Model consists of a total of 13 parts that are the base body, middle body, back lid, funnel, handle, three internal supporting pillars, four middle body holders, logo, false floppy add-on, funnel, adaptor holder, and lid of the lid.

The Base body holds the display, logo, and the false floppy disk add-on.

Middle Body holds the speaker, Latte panda, and three internal supporting pillars.

Middle Body is divided into two parts for reducing the print time from 19 hours to 10 hours by using a 1mm Nozzle.

The back lid contains the DC Fan with a funnel for airflow and the Latte Panda's adaptor holder, it also contains the lid of the lid which is a part that we add to the back lid, it can be opened to see what's happening inside the PC.

As for 3d printing all the parts, I used Cura with these below settings-

  • Nozzle - 1mm
  • Layer Height - 0.32mm
  • Infill- 50% cubic
  • Fan 20% Speed
  • Material - PLA

We need to print the following parts-

  • base body
  • middle body
  • back lid
  • funnel
  • handle
  • internal supporting pillar 1 x 2
  • internal supporting pillar 2 x 1
  • middle body holder x 1
  • logo x 1 with Orange PLA
  • false floppy add-on x 1 with Orange PLA
  • funnel x 1
  • adaptor holder x 1
  • the lid of the lid x 1 with Orange PLA

step - 1.78 MB - 09/21/2022 at 06:55


fusion - 3.20 MB - 09/21/2022 at 06:55


3mf - 89.06 kB - 09/21/2022 at 06:55


3mf - 59.78 kB - 09/21/2022 at 06:55


3mf - 39.74 kB - 09/21/2022 at 06:55


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  • 1 × Latte Panda 3 Delta SBC
  • 1 × 7- Inch Display (with HDMI Functionality)
  • 1 × 4 Ohms Speaker
  • 1 × DC Fan 12V
  • 1 × Switch Development Kits, Boards and Systems / Development Kits and Boards

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    Watch the video
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    Front Lid Assembly Process

    We first start by preparing the front lid first.

    • We add the 7-Inch LCD Display on the 3D Printed front lid cover by using some hot glue, we add hot glue on each corner of the display, which will hold it in place.
    • Next, we add a small tactile switch, this will be the main button for turning the Latte panda ON and OFF.
    • After that, we add LATTEintosh Name Place and floppy disk cover on the front side by using super glue.
  • 3
    Middle Body Assembly Process

    Middle Body was too large so it was printed in two parts to reduce print time, earlier it was 20 Hours but after dividing the middle part, each part is now printed in less than 10 hours.

    we also add four rectangular parts that hold the two separated parts in their place.

    • We start the assembly by first adding two rectangular parts on one side by using four M2 Screws for each holder.
    • After completely merging two halves of the middle body, we add a Handle to it with two M3 Screws.

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