the matching cyberdeck to control the mantis robot

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The project was started to run ROS for my 6-axis Robot arm "Mantis". By the time Raspberry Pi'( 2- 3) where to slow to fully run ROS and rvis. So I searched the used PC market and found the
"Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 Mini PC". They are quite nice cheap and feature a Intel i5, standard ram and SATA SSD. So all in all a nice computer, but of course we need to do it in style.

years Ago (2016) I used an iPad screen as second display for my laptop since it is no longer in use I decided to use it there.

Since we want to be mobile I decided to build a Battery box with my own robot battery system.
For Input I used some 3 -axis joysticks and an ESP32 with BLE mounted to a Bluetooth keyboard.

Everything is placed in a ESD save "euro"-box (the nice black one) of course with custom inlay and some decals.

Currently the work itself is done. I'm working now on the documentation so be a little patient but I will publish all the 3D printed

All the files are released at:

The Deck

The main deck is composed of a Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 Mini PC with a 9.7inch "IPad" LCD with a display port adapter board. A 3D printed case with stand. 


Just a very quick intro to the "PowerBank"

For the power supply and battery I used a 24V - 6A  custom LiFePo4 pack I made for my "Omi Wheel" Rover. You can take a look at the Rover for more information about the battery pack

I made case with a handle and mounted a 300W pure sine inverter to it. All in all a very nice Powerbank. 


The Keyboard is a RK61 with has a build in battery and Bluetooth. I connected an ESP32 to the 3V3 power line with the awesome BLE-Gampad library. The sketch is rather simple and in the git repository.  (did I mention that everything works over Bluetooth?)

  • 1 × Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 Mini PC
  • 1 × ESP32
  • 2 × 3-axis joystick with button
  • 1 × 2048x1536 9.7inch LCD Display LP097QX1
  • 1 × RK61 Mechanical Keyboard with Bluetooth

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  • Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 Mini PC

    Andreas Hoelldorfer10/13/2022 at 12:56 0 comments

    Inside we finde 2 Ram slots a 2.5" STATA disc bay with screw less mounting and a PCIE (?) slot for WiFi. 

    I recommend buying one with WiFi included since there are no antennas otherwise. 

    The other side of the board features the CPU power supply , 1x -  M.2 slot (presumably), 1x STATA for an optical drive and a header with 5V I used to power the Display (red/black wire) 

    Unfortunately no Molex connector (but you can remove the nose from the connector to make it fit (2.54mm) .

    There is also an connector labeled DC-IN maybe for direct 12V power input? 

  • first release of the CAD & Code

    Andreas Hoelldorfer09/25/2022 at 13:14 0 comments

    I uploaded a first release of the CAD & Code on the github repro

    There is always a step file and a set of stl files and the Arduino Sketch for the BLE joysticks.
    More details will follow soon.

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