New pcb using the EPM7128STC100 smd IC

A project log for ZX8301 replacement for Sinclair QL

Having burned two ZX8301 chips in the last years was a motive to make a cpld based replacement for the QL ZX8301 ULA.

leonLeon 11/22/2022 at 12:530 Comments

Received the new PCBs for the EPM7128STC100 smd version from PCBWay.

I use PCBWay for my project's pcb production and I am very satisfied with the results, I always get perfect pcbs with very fast production and delivery times and low cost. See this article for more info about the PCBWay service quality.

I am waiting for the EPM7128STC100 ic I ordered and soon I'll test the new design that provides extra RGBs outputs with mixing of the flash bit for 16 colors. After testing I'll publish the new pcb data.