Cyberdeck PD-100XL

I call this project the patient deck. It was designed to run older games and most modern indies.

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I set out to make a portable "lapheld" to allow me to play through my backlog of games while lounging. This device can also be used for light software development or any other computing. I would say the least favorite thing about it is Windows 10.

List of Parts--
- PC stick with Atom x5 z8350 cpu, 8GB Ram
- VSDISPLAY 7" 7 inch 1024x600 IPS LCD Screen
- Solid Tek KB-P3100BU ASK-3100U USB 4x9 SuperMini Wired Keyboard
- SJ@JX "3D" Analog PS4 USB arcade encoder
- 1.1 x 1.3 inches Ergo Touchpad Mini
- TC-1212T 12x12x7.3 mm Tact Tactile Push Button Momentary
- uxcell Double-Sided PCB Board Printed Circuit Boards Kit (4 Sizes 4x6 5x7 3x7 2x8)
- RecPro RV Grab Assist Handle | 9 1/2 Inches |
- Antrader 2 Pack 43mmx36mm 4 Countersunk Holes Plastic Adjustable Torque Position
- Acxico mini-joystick AC 250V 5A 4NO 4NC Joystick Switch Momentary
- WMYCONGCONG Momentary Tactile Push Button Micro Switch 6x6x9mm

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