Project Log 5: Maybe balloons?

A project log for DIY Full-body VR Rigid Haptic Suit

Cheap Piezoeletric crystals could be used both as movement sensors and vibrational haptic simulators.

FulanoDetailFulanoDetail 12/01/2022 at 12:450 Comments
Today is Thursday, 1 of december, 09:38 Brasilia timezone.

I'm definitely not procrastinating, hehe... 👀

So I was thinking about the problem with the padding (and a lot of other things) that I talked about on Project Log 3, and it came to my mind that maybe I could use low pressure balloons/cushions as a padding.

It wouldn't be as messy and expensive as using liters and liters of polyurethane or silicon, but they could be bought from stores (or online).

Just imagine something like bubble wrap, like those really big ones.

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