CyberDeck Rocking DragonOS Focal w/ 70Mhz - 6Ghz Receive and Transmit Capability.

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I figure since I've been maintaining DragonOS for the past couple years, I might as well make a portable solution aka "WarDragon". Chose your own adventure on what you'd like to do with it, LTE/GSM base station? Kismet, Sparrow-WiFi, Aircrack-Ng more your thing? Look at the electromagnetic spectrum and see what's all around you. The possibilities are endless curtsy of DragonOS and all the open source projects contained within. Hardware consists of an X86_64 SBC, Monitor, GPS, Cell Modem, Flipper Zero, BladeRF, GL Init, Airspy HF, Large Battery for extended up time, and an assortment of internal or external antennas.

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