The work I did on this machine I did not document here because these hacks are already available online, so I saw no point in doing a project on that, but now this has become a completely different beast.

I'm actually quite upset that the original hardware has died. It was a gift from my father and I put days into this machine to make sure it was happy and working, but sometimes the hardware just does not want to corporate. Well, fair enough then! Why should I frustrate myself over that?

New plan! New screen and new guts. The IO ports can be reworked to host HDMI, the GPIO pins, USB and anything else I might want to put in there. Perhaps a USB to parallel port adapter.

The first problem is going to be the screen. I need a 10"ish modular screen that I can mount in the top half of the laptop, replacing the greyscale VGA screen. The problem is that I need a 4:3 aspect ratio and I'm having trouble finding one that fits my needs. I have one lead, but I'll need to wait for a response on that one.

For the hardware I'm tempted to try and put a Raspberry Pi 400 in there sans keyboard. Two reasons for this. 1. These are still readily available and 2. they can be overclocked without active cooling. A normal raspberry form factor would be easier to fit. Just stick it in a drive bay and be done with it, but I like to have options.

I also have the battery compartment and module with the old cadmium batteries removed, so I could potentially drop in a LiPO and charger module and make the unit completely wireless again. This is not a priority.