[T][M] Pivot to non-optical passthough solution?

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I need some virtual desktop monitors that offer 90PPD at 90Hz.

kelvinakelvinA 03/28/2023 at 16:560 Comments

Here is an OEM VR headset, only called the "MGLASS 1" in product images:

I saw this months ago when I was asking about the 2560px screen for the first time. This headset uses them glued onto a pancake optical module, and has 2G of RAM and 16G of storage along with HDMI input. 
CPU Quad-Core Cortex-A55
GPU Mali G52-2EE
Memory 2GB LPDDR4 
16GB eMMC5.1
OS Android 11
Display Display Si-OLED
Size 1.03 inch*2
Ratio 1:1
Resolution 2560*2560px per eye
(5120*2560 Binocular)
Interface MIPI
Luminance 1800nits
Frame Rate 60HZ Max 90HZ
Optics Solution pancake
Optical FOV 90°
Diopter 0~-8D
IPD 56~72mm
  Dustproof IP6X
Speaker Integrated 
Button 5 buttons
Sensor and I/O Compass + Gyroscope + Accelerometer
Distance Sensor
Type C 
3.5mm headphone jack
Micro SD
Wireless Bluetooth 4.2
DLNA & Airplay
Battery 3950mAh working temp. 5-35℃
Weight 310g
Size W*H*Thickness 155*55*17.5mm
Color White or Black
OEM/ODM Support

The reason why I've spent like 20 minutes copying in that table is a) to learn something new about copying and pasting tables, b) because this headset keeps popping up and dissapearing on AliExpress and c) clean up the formatting. The specs make this product sound like a PCVR headset + thin-client for portable situations.

Now, the reason why I've mentioned this headset is because I got an idea: non-optical passthrough near-eye display that doesn't take up any more of the users vision than required. Unlike VR headsets, where you try and block out side-light from entering, this idea tries to keep as much of the view unobstructed as possible. If anything, it's somewhat more ideal if the virtual monitor isn't see-through, from a visual perspective. 

Why is the head lime green? No idea. Fusion360 just updated one day and all my custom configurations were gone and the texture of this mesh is uneditable, though it looks fine in the render.

The idea is to have 2560px displays in those vertical rounded rectangles which are also motorised so that I have the option to move them out of my vision by sending a command through #Tetent [gd0090].

A potential strategy could be to get an MGLASS 1, dissassemble it and DIY a custom solution. In the world of VR, 38 degrees diagonal FOV should be very straightforward to do, though it's not like any on the market are targetting 90PPD so I might still run into issues.

Unfortunately, this expensive 2560px display seems to be an inescapable choice. Again, it's a very ideal display with its cost being the largest drawback.