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A project log for T^2 TyMist [gd0138]

I need some virtual desktop monitors that offer 90PPD at 90Hz.

kelvinakelvinA 01/13/2024 at 13:580 Comments

[09 Feb 23

So I've done the first optical test and the 4 x 1440px solution fails. I have concerns about brightness (and size) of using 2 x 2160p screens since I'd expect <200nits to the eye. I'm going with 2 x 2560px screens as the 2 drawbacks are its high cost (£500) and 75Hz (when over 1920x1920/eye) refresh rate, but is otherwise an ideal choice. 

[09 Nov 22]

From trying different screens, I can say that:

So it seems that 100ppd would either be ultrasharp or just indistinguishable from 90 if I extrapolated it, and that increments of 10ppd make a very noticable difference until getting to my eye's resolution, so I'd rather not imagine what Nreal Air and its 50ppd looks like.

[02 Nov 22]

I will admit that a notable reason why I'm starting this project is because of some issues with #Teti [gd0022] and its 3 screens. I've had them since Dec 2020, so I know of the challenges and limitations, which are:

TyMist can solve all these problems (and others, such as other things like protecting my eyes from bright light sources), and currently, it seems less complex than I originally estimated to obtain a solution.

The budget for this project isn't going to be massive, but it's higher than a pair of Nreal Air glasses. I've been planning for that Pimax 12K for a year at this point, and everything in my mind was going peacefully until the Nreal Air nation attacked. £2400 is still more than I'd like to spend on anything though, so Me In Another Timeline probably wouldn't have gone through with the purchase. It was just a nice way to think "Isn't that great? Pimax is making a solution! That's one less thing I have to invent here!". 

I am a bit gutted that I didn't try and solve this solution in 2020 when I was looking for my next Laptop/PC to buy, but as you'd see below, only 5 weeks ago did I think this was going to be the most ambitious project I've ever attempted. The triple screens were already £510 when I bought them (£630 now), and then another £100+ for the Titan Ridge and all the cables. That's also after I bought and had to sell off (at a loss) 3 screens from another AliExpress seller. Then, there was all the time spent designing a case that could carry those screens. Sigh... I could've had some mini PC and battery block combo, or even just opened my laptop search results to something with 2 USBC or DP ports instead of going the Desktop PC route.

[26 Sep 2022]

Ideally, #SecSavr Suspense [gd0105] can actually be built and works as intended and used to manufacture a solution. Custom, likely high density PCBs and fancy optics sure aren't in my league budget otherwise.

Even if that happens, it'll still be my most advanced project idea I've thought of.

This project idea started yesterday, when I found out that a 1080p, 15.6" screen that is 60cm away from my eyes is 60 pixels per degree (ppd). I can't comfortably look at such a resolution for more than a few seconds before wishing for a higher resolution. I also predict that 1440p (same screen and distance) is over my eye's resolution, seeing as I can't see and additional detail when using 150% scaling on my 4K screen for #Teti [gd0022] unless I move closer.

Thus, the range is somewhere between 60 and 80 ppd. I was hoping that the upcoming Pimax 12K would be the headset that allows me to work in virtual labs and offices, but they'd have to house 24K displays for that! According to calculation, 35ppd would be the equivalent of 720P HD on a 17.3" laptop, 60cm away.

On the [Pimax 12K and under £s] market, the closest things are the newest AR glasses, like the Nreal Air, VITURE One, Dream Glass Flow and TQSKY T1, with the highest being 55ppd. (Huh. That's a lot of new AR glasses that actually look good this year.) These all use dual 1080p screens, so I'd hopefully just have to wait until a manufacturer makes a 1440p screen so that one of these startups can put them into some probably >£400 glasses. That likely will take some time, though, so I really should see what I can do now.