Foxie Clock 2.0

The best edge-lit, most FOXIE clock in existence. Has RISC-V. RGB LEDs. RTC w/ supercapacitor backup. A light sensor. And much more.

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- Feature rich firmware (
- Easy to use 5-way joystick
- Analog light sensor using software Schmitt trigger for smooth behavior in all lighting conditions
- Remembers time for over 2 days while unplugged, with a Real-Time Clock + 70mF supercapacitor. Boots instantly.
- Perfectly placed acrylic digits, with 82 LEDs and light filter
- 8+2 LEDs for configuration
- PXL mode
- QWIIC and 8-pin expansion
- ESP32-C3-MINI module with WiFi/BLE
- Built-in firmware updates directly from github repository
- Certified Open Source Hardware (

The clock is comprised of the PCB, 5 pieces of laser cut wood (front, back, top, left side and right side), 40 pieces of 1.5mm acrylic (laser engraved with numerals), 2 "positioner" pieces made from 6mm clear acrylic that snugly hold all the digits in place from the top, and a beautiful 6mm clear colon in the middle of the clock - lit by 2 separate LEDs.

Here's a peek at the packaging I settled on for the FC 2.0, sitting on top of my Glowforge laser cutter where most of the magic happens ;)

And here's one of the earliest pics I took of a couple black acrylic clocks I built (Does anyone want black acrylic cases instead of wood cases? Speak up!) Check out the filter effect in the lid that largely eliminates the LED glare at the bottom of the digits. This is the best way I've found to do the edge lighting and I love the results. Hope you like them too.

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