I always wanted to build a cyberdeck, and when i saw the contest i wanted to say "Hi guys! I'm here too! I love cyberdecks!!!"
I had an old Pine64 with its lcd display laying around and a bluetooth keyboard
So, after many doodles, many 3d designs and print i ended up whit a cyberdeck with an handle that reminds me of a shark fin... So i had the idea for the graphical style :)
The cyberdeck is expandable with a sliding board, i rushed a boombox board to demonstrate the concept :)
I love to go for a walk and i wanted a device with a decent keyboard to write some ideas or code while i walk... so i added the handle on the back to use it that way
The last cool feature is the solar power bank, that can be extracted to be exposed to the sun and then can be reinserted in it's slot. It looks like a futuristic energy cell, i love it.
That's all, i hope you enjoy my work and feel free to ask for details or to copy anything you like
Thanks to all you guys that creates so many inspiring things

Personal notes

In this project i used things that i had laying around, but i learned something:

It started as a toy but now that i would like to use it i notice an important problem. The board i used is still supported but the lcd display is not, so i can't (or at least is not so easy) install a new operating system, and if i want to change the board now i have to repalce also the screen.

So i think that it's better to avoid custom components that do not use standard interfaces. I think that standard interfaces makes everithing more modular, replaceable, upgradable and are long time supported. Another idea, for a project like this we should prefer a usb keyboard instead of the bluetooth one. The keyboard is the very first input that you need to install and configure the system! So if you want to reinstall the os or something similar you cannot do it without having another keyboard with you.

So in conclusion, i will probably make another one using a raspberry pi, an hdmi display and a usb keyboard