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wearable (not) voice-controlled cyberdeck

Igor BrkicIgor Brkic 09/30/2022 at 09:110 Comments

Besides the successful reference to My Dying Bride's album in the title, most of the other things I did in the last day weren't successful.

So, after completing mechanical stuff I went to complete (or at least do something) the software side. First thing was the thermal sensor. I had some code I previously used to show the 16x16 pixel image (based on this but the code complained that there's no sensor. After scanning the I2C bus and additionally disconnecting the sensor and checking it with a different device (BTW Flipper Zero is awesome when you quickly need to check I2C device) it turned out the sensor was dead. I don't know how but most likely I somehow killed it with static electricity. So, one of the coolest features was lost.

While searching through some boxes I found the MAX11644 ADC so I decided to at least add it to be able to measure the battery voltage. Long story short, after some battling with configuration registers that was also unsuccessful. The deadline was approaching quickly so I decided to leave it as I can come back to that part later.

So, the voice recognition! Yeah, that also sortof failed. The microphone level was quite low and the recognition results I was getting from google were quite bad and slow. So yeah, although I could improve that there's no more time.

But since I already have something I decided to publish it either way...