This build proceeds in 4 steps.

  1. Print the case.
  2. Make the keyboard.
  3. Make the usb cables.
  4. Connect it up!

The most difficult part of this build is making the usb cables. This does not require special soldering skills, but you should be comfortable soldering. A third hand is highly recommended.

The USB Cables

You need to make 3 cables. The first is a usb micro to usb micro OTG cable that connects the keyboard to the Banana Pi. The second is a usb c to usb micro power-only cable that connects the Banana Pi to the Ampripper 3000 usb c output. The third is a half cable with two bare wires on one end and a usb micro on the other to connect the 5v and ground pads of the amp ripper to the usb micro in port of the screen.

Keyboard Build

The QAZ build is no different than building a QAZ as a normal keyboard. So, you can follow the steps available here: CBKBD

Keyboard Firmware