3D Laser Array

Make a laser array using servos

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An array of 5 laser controlled by 10 servos. 2 180 degree planes of motion

Adafruit Arduino Library for PCA9685

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Servo Controller Chip

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Adadfruit Feather nRF52832 (obsolete)

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  • Added Spacers to even lasers

    Bill Weiler11/07/2022 at 18:09 0 comments

    I cut some nylon spacers at MakerNexxus. I tried to make each square and 42mm long with the band saw and the circular sander but they didn't come out perfect. I used a heat gun to melt the hot glue to move the servos, but some servos melted and came apart. They all worked when I plugged it in.

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    Building Array
    1. Hot glue servos to board
    2. Center Servos and attach an arm
    3. Hot glue another servo on top
    4. Attach servo wires to PCA9685 board, watch orientation of plug and start with the side with servo 0
    5. Attach i2c lines, GND and 5V to Arduino
    6. Find external 5V source, and use screw terminal
    7. Be sure and attach Arduino and external 5V source ground together
    8. Route and tape down servo wires so they will reach end and yank on the cable, and also not to catch on anything.
    9. Attach the Laser Diode power and grounds (use external 5V source)
    10. Install Adafruit Servo Library. Start with example code and add features and test.

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