I got a new set of glasses and they came in a gigantic eyeglass case. What a perfect excuse to make a cyberdeck. 

I dug through my collection of old smartphones to see if anything would fit. I ended up using a Samsung A51 as it fit nearly perfectly. I did have to remove some of it's casing to get it to fit, but now it actually does fit perfectly.

I mounted the phone inside the top of the case by gluing 3d printed mounts to the back of the phone and screwing through the glasses case into them.

To get the power and volume buttons working I saved the physical buttons from the phone's shell and relocated them to the bottom of the case. I then used thin signal wire to connect the phones pads to the buttons.

I also created a custom usb-c male-female cable that moves the phones usb port to the bottom of the case. The last thing I did was glue a thin 5000mah battery to expand the use time of the deck.

I am using a bluetooth keyboard to interact with the deck and I sewed a microfiber cloth into a little pouch that the keyboard fits in to prevent it from rubbing against the screen and scratching it during transport.

There is one big problem with it though: I bricked the phone. I was trying to install Lineage to have a de-googled phone as I thought that would fit the theme of the device much better. I actually had it working at one point, but I didn't have root access. I wanted a few specific aps that require root so I tried reinstalling Lineage with root and now the phone just bootloops.

I've tried everything I can and nothing helps. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯