This project was built using an old Project-or-View slide viewer that I found at a thrift store. I was inspired by it's resemblance to a tiny computer, and decided to turn it into a small, portable, Raspberry Pi powered computer (Pi Deck).

The retro aesthetics of the Project-or-View also reminded me of Marvel's Time Variance Authority and the TV Show Loki. So I ran with that as a theme to further build out the design.

The project involved a fair amount of modification to the original components, as well as the design and fabrication of a number of custom 3D printed parts. These 3D printed components housed the electronics that would make up the computer and computer interface.

It has all the functionality of a regular computer:

- 4GB Ram Raspberry Pi 4B
- 5" LCD Touchscreen
- 7" Standard LCD Display
- 1" GPIO Display
- SD Card Reader
- Micro SD Card Reader
- WiFi Connectivity
- Ethernet Port
- Audio AUX Port
- 4 Pin GX12 Aviation Connectors (USB Interface) (3x)
- GX12 to USB Hub (4x USB Type A Ports)
- Folding Keyboard
- Trackpad