Soldering Iron cable recoil

3D printed components for cable recoil

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Recently i rearrange my lab, add new workbenches and move my Hako soldering stations. Hakko products are good in many ways but lack as cable management. In the same time JBC have a quite good solutions for their soldering stations, but spending few thousands just because the cable management make no sense for me.
Initially I was thinking to order JBC parts and find a way to attach them to my stand, but not having their dimensions made my choice very hard. So having a good SLA printer and few free hours i decide to design my own solution, and that is the result.
It's modular, the parts can be combined in different configuration that support cables with different diameter, weight and position. The springs, rods and nuts are available in Menards.
I am using it already for 3 months and i can't believe that all those years i leave without such an extra. Actually this is not an extra at all, especially if you have similar soldering station arrangement

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