I got the idea for this deck during the initial Covid lockdowns. I began to build it a couple years ago and logged some progress on the /r/Cyberdeck Discord but eventually stalled out after breaking off the micro-usb port for my keyboard.

This week I revisited the project to submit it to the 2022 Cyberdeck contest. I was able to replace the pro-micro with a pro-micro C as well as enabled the OLED displays on the keyboard. Next I mounted the HDMI ribbon cable to female converters so that I wouldn't have a ribbon cable running from the HMD/camera to the deck. I cleaned up the cables a bit as well as ordered some new ones to make the build look a bit cleaner, but overall I wasn't able to get all of the necessary cables in time so it's a bit cluttered.

I had to redo the entire mount for the camera on the HMD after I dropped it. It was originally mounted on top of the headset and the acrylic case was smashed to pieces. I was able to just barely fit it into a gap after removing a lot of styrofoam. A drill, a file, and some patience led to some passable mounts/holes for the camera and IR lamps.

Most of this build has been hardware based. In fact, I don't have a valid use-case for this yet except that it looks cool. Hopefully something comes to me soon.