Distributed Information Management System

Open Source Distributed Information Management System for IoT, SmartHome, etc.

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Distributed Information Management System for IoT, SmartHome, etc.
Already done:
- controller on the STM32F10x ( base module of extension )
- Linux based controller
- PLC modem
- Several blocks as sensors, actuators, I / O channels.

A typical beginning of development using STM controllers:
- On the basis of a large number of available discovery boards make up a device prototype.
- Search box, where this prototype can be installed.

This solution is the production of a prototype and serial devices for installation in a standard enclosure.
The distributed system is building from this devices / units.
The current main interface is CAN. However, nothing hinders the use of other interfaces, for example: different RF channels.

Let's start with a solution based on stm32f100 board.

This board can be used instead of stm-discovery. The board have a CAN interface. This interface is main for modules communicate in system.

Examlpe of use board as develop sensor module:

Current boxes produced by the company GAINTA.

GAINTA ( produces her pcb. However, for my decision, I developed my own development PCB.

STM32f100 board can mount in differents positions:

Example use of STM32f100 board as UART-CAN gate:

This construction in D1MG box:

For example uses STM32F100 board as set of sensors - temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination, CO2:

In box without covers:

In box with covers:

Ready product:

Other examples of using STM32F100 PCB.

8/9 channels GPIO module. Work with DS18B20, iButton, 5V GPIO with a pull up or pull down. Up to 560V galvanic isolator:

External board of PLC Modem on developer board:

These units can be installed not only in the cabinet, but also on the wall.

1. The DIN-rail is cuting up into the unit size.

2. The unit is mount on a double-sided scotch tape.

For programming this modules use C language.

IEC 61131-3 can be used. Project:

In the attached file CAN_GATE.7Z, the firmware for the CAN-Gate.

This firmware can be used as a template for your own programs.

Size of program is 12KB, and you can use KEIL as free-evalution mode (up to 16K).

KEIL project in archve, KEIL: Embedded Development Tools

Using two boards of stm32 you can explore CAN-bus.

Terminal-program, current speed is 921600 bps

Consider a simple network of two controllers STM32F100 ( STM32F100 board ). In addition, you will need two USB-UART adapters. Download firmware CAN-Gate to MicroController.

Open two terraterm of the program.

In our example, COM14 and COM30 and research work of CAN-bus.

Piece of workplace:

7-Zip - 191.31 kB - 05/27/2017 at 05:06


7-Zip - 305.79 kB - 04/30/2017 at 06:12


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tech2ART wrote 04/30/2017 at 10:24 point

Thanks a lot Alexander! Any idea if these modules can be purchased somewhere? 

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Alexander wrote 04/30/2017 at 14:37 point

iMX5xx (Cortex A8) with Linux onboard is fully enterprise solution. Price about $400. Instead this controller you can use, for example Raspberry PI or x86-PC. The solution based on the STM32F100 board is of low cost. Write to address.

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tech2ART wrote 04/29/2017 at 21:45 point

Hi, Can you describe the HW used in this project? Thanks. 

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Alexander wrote 04/30/2017 at 06:20 point

HW сontains 2 sets of devices:

- based on STM32F10x (Cortex M3)
- based on iMX5xx (Cortex A8)
Both projects in attached files.


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