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Project logs specifically for the minimum viable product of Tetent [gd0090].

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  • [P] TestCut's design language cascade

    kelvinA10/12/2022 at 21:16 0 comments

    So I printed the TestCut, and the SD card decided to disconnect for a split second, causing my DP2 to stop printing and home. Conviniently, this was just after the Tetrinsics for Finger5 were printed, and I was able to correct issues with the original design.

    For starters, 3 degrees was much too shallow, so it was increased to 18 degrees. Finger5 was also much too close to my lap / table surface. I hastily added those tweaks and printed out the second version to the right.

    Changes to TestCut

    The angle is now too steep so I'm going to try 14 degrees next. Finger5 is also too close to Finger4 so I moved that back to the same 20mm spacing as the other fingers. Finger3 was too deep in the trench, so the distance from the surface was brought up by 1.5mm.

    I'm going to sleep on the design and add any tweaks before I print out another version.

    Changes to a chunk of other projects

    You see... I quite like this marble/granite block shape, and if you noticed, I've also liked the look of tiles (see #SecSavr Sublime [gd0036] #SecSavr Skyrise [gd0092] and it's the reason behind the name #T^2 Tiles [gd0095]). When using TestCut, it just looks like a diamond square (a square rotated 45 degrees), which is much less mentally stimulating than my mouse and keyboard. It has the same vibe of what windows look like usually verses a freshy washed and polished one.


    This got me thinking. If #Tetent Timespy [gd0136] embraced more of that cuboid design, I could fit a larger display. But then, with 2 crisp, angular designs, things like Tetent and #Teti [gd0022] were going to look out of place.

    So I tried deleting a few faces in Teti to see what solutions could be availabe.

    I kept going, deleting more faces. I'll make relevant logs in the relevant projects, but eventually I stopped experimenting and settled on this:

    Now this had a crisp, marble + copper look to it that reminded me of my earliest days in Minecraft 1.7 when I was designing a building with quartz (a white block) and dark oak (a dark brown wooden block), and I was like "oh noh... it's good looking with those crisp white edges and a hint of nostalgia!". 

    Tetent may need a redesign anyway if I determine that Finger5 is actually a good addition. I've said it many times before: I don't want to learn 2 layouts. This means I don't want to be switching what tasks the thumb is doing just because there isn't a Finger5 Tetrinsic in the design.


    The thing is, I've also been imagining what an updated #SecSavr Suspense [gd0105] concept would look like the past month and a bit while I've been designing Tetent 'n' co. I was imagining it'll just look like a large, wide block... actually let me just model an image really quick.

    Ok this is what I was going to describe, but this isn't how it looked like in my mind because I never modelled it so I didn't realise that the 40x50cm panel I planned for the centre door was going to look uselessly small:
    The doors are like a dishwasher one. The aim is "consumer grade" so I thought this looked "boring" and consumer-appliance-like. Anyway, I had also decided to try the same strategy I used for Teti a year ago, which was to ask the question "If I was designing a product in a design firm, how would I design the look of it?"

    For the Suspense, that would be some sharp-edged marble box with black glass surfaces on the doors:

    Something that I could see in an architecture or art studio. This idea looks awfully like the new Teti design proposal.

    This look is also similar to the GUI ideas I've had floating in my head for things like #SecSavr Sol^2 [gd0045], and even my kelvinA logo has a bunch of 90 degree bends so it seems that Me In The Past was close to realising I should persue a new design language sooner or later.

    Other projects

    I've already started thinking of a new #TetInventory [gd0039] design, though I should probably leave ...

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  • [M] TestCut? More like TestCubed.

    kelvinA10/11/2022 at 20:40 0 comments

    Yes. This is quite a different look to the reference keyboard I mentioned in the previous log. 

    So I was wondering how best to arrange the #Tetrinsic's [gd0041] and decided on going for a vertical keyboard that sat in my lap (which is the current location of my not-so-temporary temporary keyboard as I write this very log). I soon determined that a 90 degree arm-to-arm angle was a good initial ball park estimation. I just didn't know how I was going to get that carved-out-of-marble shape, whilst still having some level of portability and aesthetic. It didn't have to fit in #Teti's [gd0022] compartement but I still wanted to be able to put it in a backpack nicely.

    I was thinking of something that looked like a smaller, thinner version of Teti's overall shape and having the Tetrinsics unfold out from a vertical wall into a tented position. I thought that was too complex for what is essentially a not-so-temporary temporary Tetent, and Teti doesn't have any crisp low-poly corners in its design language.

    The next idea was a cuboid but with the bottom face angled a few degrees for more comfortability. I noticed that the XYZ were approaching the same value and so I just made it a cube and really liked the inital look:

    View from user
    View from side. This is a 4 degree angle and I really like how it looks like a cube that's slightly clipping inside the turntable.

    If I make this, and if one insists on calling Tetent a keyboard (even though there are no keys, and it's not a board), it could be the worlds second cube shaped keyboard. The first was this failed indegogo campaign I found when searching to see if there have been any other cube shaped keyboards.

    Like... this thing had those nice+soft silicone keycaps, trackpad, speaker, alarm clock... and I thought I was going into the deep end with Tetent.

    Anyway, after watching their spaceship teleportation campaign video, I thought I'd make the renders look a bit more si-fi with the LED ring around it:

    I haven't added screw holes yet, so that's why some of the screws look strange.
    I think it really has that modern designer look.

    Initial stats:

    • 86mm cubed
    • 3 degree angle
    • Finger2: -5
    • Finger3: -8
    • Finger4: -5
    • Finger5: 0mm from surface
      • Finger5 is also 10mm closer to the cube edge
    Other than the Finger5 experiment, Tetent TestCut is simply just Tetrinsics in a printed enclosure. There's not going to be any OLED screens or LEDs, and I expect it to be a wired connection. The idea is to use the TestCut to program the remaining Tetent features much faster.

  • [T] Add Finger5? What about Foot1?

    kelvinA10/08/2022 at 14:41 0 comments

    Both #Tetent [gd0090] and #Tetent Timespy [gd0136] are too small to fit a #Tetrinsic [gd0041] for Finger5's, nor do I think it would be comfortable or noticably increase speed (having to think 8 characters in advance might be a tad much), but this is the TestCut so I might as well put that theory to the test. For those with 6 fingers, it may be safe to upgrade now.

    Another idea that may be more applicable to me would be (motorised) ankle wheels. Here, the mapping of Finger1 (the thumb) will move to Foot1 and the thumb will have the same map as the other fingers. #TEOSS [gd0037] already needs this stuff anyway so I can just add "Tetent Integration" to its specification, but I feel that a simplified "ankle Tetrinsic" would only cost slightly more than a normal Tetrinsic. I'm still not sure about having to think of 8 characters in advanced along with a slight leyout alteration, but its a potential way to get more of my body moving while sitting at a PC and faster 1 handed typing when using the Timespy with TEOSS. There'd be a max force threshold where input would be ignored, implying that the user is standing up.

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