[M] Protrusionless alternate dimension

A project log for Tetent TestCut [gd0139]

A cuboid input device.

kelvinakelvinA 01/08/2023 at 12:470 Comments

I had to see what it would have been like if TestCut wasn't a (not-so-temporary) temporary Tetent and I bothered to hand-solder the screen wire so that I could mount the motors on the bottom side of the load cell. The render is as essence, modern and simplistic as I imagined.

😭This cutout looks so beautiful and simplistic, unlike the cutout I did for Tetrinsic 1st Generation.

In other news, the latest concept just finished printing at 2 degrees is very noticable, visually.

I also found out this time-saving Fusion 360 feature called "Select By Name":

But man that render makes me want to go into Tetrinsic and figure out a way to hide the motor or at least push it further into the main surface.

Wait a second. that 20mm dimension doesn't go all the way to the top. What is this extra block here for then?
Even accounting for the gap between the board and the magnet, there's plenty of space in 20mm! Ok I'll start fixing this.