[M] Vertical Thumb1's

A project log for Tetent TestCut [gd0139]

A cuboid input device.

kelvinakelvinA 01/09/2023 at 14:540 Comments

For a rushed redesign, it looks better than expected. The 4.5mm cutout margain also worked to eliminate finger-side rubbing.

I printed this concept where Thumb1 Tetrinsics are pointing straight up. Well not exactly straight up. There's an 18 degree slope difference between the normal of the top face and the top surface of the Tetrinsics. This is so that both of them could fit next to each other. 

I think there's potential for this idea, but the active areas will need to be rotated; as you might be able to imagine, the thumbs push the TestCut forwards. The Tetrinsics also should be moved >10mm down and, from an aesthetic perspective, down enough so that the top face could be flat again.

I think the current proposed Tetrinsic Gen 3X1 should be able to obtain Tetent solutions, and I've learned about the possible mounting strategies and intersection possibilities through generating these TestCut. Thus, I think I can pause solution mining for TestCut until I've got an actual Tetrinsic to use. After all, I like to avoid using seemingly unobtainium parts unless I can obtain them.

Solution mining... ends, in 22 days.