Automatic Construction: Inflatable Building

Automatic Construction inflates concrete buildings that sequester CO2. Cheap but durable buildings that save the world

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Automatic Construction makes Inflatable Flexible Factory Formwork (IFFF) that is delivered to construction sites as a complete unit with reinforcement already in place. Construction pumps raise the building and concrete pumps fill the forms with regular concrete or CO2 sequestering aircrete. A lower cost building.

In this project we take the system one step further and present an experiment to use the airtight forms to sequester CO2 in the concrete over the life of the building. .

Basically, our forms are air tight enveloping the concrete. Using a solar powered air pump on the roof we continuously pump air through the building forms for years! A water pump circulates a alkaline water mix throughout the forms. The mix is replenished with brine sources.

Our goal is lower cost housing that sequesters CO2.

  • 1/5th the cost of conventional construction.
  • Replaces 40% of the NHAB listed costs for a single family house (slab, walls, exterior, roof, waterproofing)
  • Premium product ( doesnt burn in wildfires, doesnt rot, resists hurricanes ) 9% of American single family houses are concrete (belonging to wealthiest counties)

So we can make housing cheap. But how can we also reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere?

  • Building materials like concrete are billions of tons per year. If we can sequester in buildings, that could be a realistic sink of billions of tons of CO2.
  • Bubbling air into water creates carbonic acid. 
  • Aerated cement (Aircrete) is a porous cement product that provides nucleation sites
  • Carbonic acid in a mix with cations ( such as ca+ or mg+) will mineralize sequestering the CO2 and also creating dense/strong building materials.
  • Brine wells are a low CO2 source of cations ( cacl2, etc)
  • Allowing 30 years for sequestration means the direct air capture powered by solar panels with a small air pump can be inefficient and take 30 years.


Patent Application with even more details

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Sequestration of CO2 in Aerated Cement Products

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    AirCrete Creation and Sequestration: Small Scale

    Small Batch for Bench Testing

    1. Purchase a small soap foamer and 7th Generation Dawn Soap

    2. Ratio is 2 cups of 7th Generation Natural Dish Liquid in 5 gallons of water. Scale this for your size of foamer.

    3. Find a suitable container to test your mix in. Measure out portland cement + water ( ratio as on bag) to fill 1/6th of container. Fill the rest of the container with foam and mix well. 

    4. Wait 24 hours for the aircrete to set. 

    5. Purchase an aquarium air pump with matching vinyl tubing. 

    6. Drill a small hole and insert the viny tubing into the bottom of the air crete. 

    7. Add water to the air crete and add CaCl2 and wollastonite to the water. Turn on the air pump and allow the pump to bubble air through the aircrete.  ( amount of CaCl2/Wollastonite depends on size of container)

    8. Periodically you can use a phenolphthalein indicator to test for the acidity of the solution. When you add new CaCL2/wallastonite the mixture will turn pink. As you sequester CO2, the mixture will turn clear signifying you should add more cations sources.

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    Erect a Automatic Construction Building and Sequester CO2
    • Order forms on
    • Clear land and lay 4 inches of gravel and tamp down flat
    • Roll out the forms
    • Inflate the inner shoring
    • Inflate the center forms
    • Connect the concrete pump to the camlock connections. 
    • Using your domegaia foamer, mixer and pump fill the forms
    • 3 days later, deflate and remove the shoring. 
    • Mount the 12v solar panel to the 12v aquarium pump and connect the hosing to the bottom of the building form. 
    • Mount the 12v water pump to the water drum and add the pump output line to the top of the form and the water return line to the bottom of the building forms. ( Cover these lines with insulation to prevent freezing)
    • Add the cation solution periodically to the water drum
    • Run for 30 years!

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EmpireWorks wrote 09/17/2023 at 10:50 point

Automatic Construction's innovative Inflatable Flexible Factory Formwork (IFFF) offers a promising solution for cost-effective and environmentally sustainable construction. By delivering complete units with built-in reinforcement to construction sites, it streamlines the building process, and the incorporation of regular concrete or CO2-sequestering aircrete further enhances its eco-friendliness. Taking it a step further, the project aims to use the airtight forms to sequester CO2 within the concrete throughout the building's lifespan. Solar-powered roof pumps continuously circulate air through the forms while a water pump maintains an alkaline water mix, replenished with brine sources. The ultimate goal is to provide affordable housing that not only reduces construction costs but also actively contributes to CO2 reduction, aligning with sustainable and cost-effective building practices.

For more info visit: EmpireWorks

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