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A project log for orcuScooter - Recycleable scooter + Fab Factory

Open source kick scooter that reinvents the wheel - designed for cycles. 3D printed/lasercut/CNC’d, all parts locally recycleable/reusable

oskarOskar 10/09/2022 at 13:430 Comments

After submitting my orcuScooter design to a local innovation contest (Hamburg Maker Challenge) in my home city (Hamburg, Germany) in May 2022, I have been informed by the organizing institution that my project will be supported! :)

Due to my membership in the organizing NGO (I am a founding member of the Fab City Hamburg association / NGO) I was participating outside the award competition, which means that members were not allowed to win a prize/award, but were friendly invited to submit their designs anyway and apply for a funding.

And that is what happened, I've got confirmed that I will receive financial funding for ordering materials and building at least one prototype (probably several ones) and present them on the "Hamburg Maker Expo" in March 2023, a large event with lots of publicity from newspapers and local politicians.

Next steps:
- Write a bill of material / shopping list
- order materials
- build prototype

Last but not least: I am submitting my project to the Hackaday Prize 2022 / Safe the World Wildcard :)