Materials ordered + building prototype

A project log for orcuScooter - Recycleable scooter + Fab Factory

Open source kick scooter that reinvents the wheel - designed for cycles. 3D printed/lasercut/CNC’d, all parts locally recycleable/reusable

oskarOskar 10/09/2022 at 13:450 Comments

A few days ago, I have created a temporary bill of materials (BOM), right now it is more a shopping list for my first prototypes and it contains materials for more than one unit as well as some extra material for discarded parts, redesigns, testing, improvements etc.

Once I figured out the exact right materials and amounts, I will edit the shopping list / BOM and publish it here on hackaday.

Also, I am planning to release my design as an open source hardware project. Right now I am still figuring out, which git-platform and open source license type suits best for my project, I am in touch with some experts on these topics. I have designed the scooter in FreeCAD, what makes it perfect for sharing via open source, in an editable format.

Finally, I have ordered all materials and parts from my shopping list, most parts already have been delivered, I am expecting the last delivery within the next couple of days.

Next steps:
- receive last delivery package
- build a prototype
- decide on the best git-platform and open source license
- upload all files to git & hackaday