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Mini Pupper has 2 versions, Mini Pupper and Mini Pupper 2.

Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts and beyond.

  • AWS LLM(large language model) service can be built-in and released at the workshop of AWS re: Invent, NOV. 27 – DEC. 1, 2023 | LAS VEGAS, NV. 
  • ROS: support ROS 2 SLAM&Navigation.
  • OpenCV: support OpenCV official OAK-D-Lite 3D camera module.
  • Open-source: DIY and custom what you want.
  • Raspberry Pi: it’s super expandable, endorsed by Raspberry Pi.

Mini Pupper news:

  • Mini Pupper will join CES 2024,  JAN. 9 – JAN. 12, 2024 | LAS VEGAS, NV. 
  • Mini Pupper 2 competition will be held at the IEEE R1&R1 Student Activities Conference, in April 2024.

Mini Pupper activities before:

  • AWS LLM(large language model) service workshop at AWS re: Invent, NOV. 27 – DEC. 1, 2023 | LAS VEGAS, NV.  The guide is here.
  • Mini Pupper 2 workshops at the Student Activities Conference (SAC) which is sponsored by IEEE Region 2 & Region 1, 21 Oct 2023.


Our first robot product, Mini Pupper, was successfully launched in 2021. It helped us to connect with thousands of robot lovers, bringing joy and excitement to our valued supporters. 

Mini Pupper is still the best project to learn quadruped robots for the beginner. The hardware and software designs are simple to learn and DIY, it's also easy to connect external sensors using Raspberry Pi 4B interfaces.

But if you are not a beginner anymore, and hope to explore the professional features, Mini Pupper 2 is a good choice because there are built-in IMU, MCU, and touch sensors, and of course, the v2 software is more complicated than v1.

In general, if you are a beginner, we recommend Mini Pupper, otherwise, we recommend Mini Pupper 2.

Solution and Product

As there are 2 Mics and a 2W speaker, you can try chatGPT or AWS LLM service following AWS workshop guide, https://catalog.workshops.aws/ai-powered-dancing-robot/en-US

Embedded with an improved servo system, our new robot can react to its environment much more intelligently. 

Unlike the standard servo robot dog in the market, you are NOT required to perform manual calibration numerous times. With just a single ‘click’, the calibration will run automatically.

Mini Pupper 2 Servo Iteration
Mini Pupper 2 Servo Iteration

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools for building robot applications. Since ROS was started in 2007, a lot has changed in the robotics and ROS community. The goal of the ROS 2 project is to adapt to these changes, leveraging what is great about ROS 1 and improving what isn’t.

The Mini Puppers support not only ROS1 but also ROS2.


With Lidar and OpenCV 3D camera modules, Mini Pupper can perform self-driving capabilities like SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), navigation, and object tracking in full 3D coordinates. There are endless possibilities. 

Mini Pupper 2 supports both Raspberry Pi and Arduino (ESP32). It’s more convenient for you to explore more!

Flash software using Arduino

Flash software using Arduino

You can use our custom wall power adapter to develop and debug 24x7 without draining the battery.

You can use whatever interface you like to enjoy your Mini Pupper, such as Controller, PC Keyboard, and Mobile phones.

It is also an awesome way to build a strong and healthy bond with your child.

How to Buy it

Online store: https://mangdang.store/

How to Build

We support multi-language online educational courses for our Mini Pupper Family. There are also enough YouTube video clips to show how to use it.  First-time buyers including students can learn anytime and anywhere.

Users can exchange ideas and explore different...

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