Open Muscle – The Open-Source Biometric Sensor Designed to Train Neural Networks

Open muscle is a forearm band that detects muscle contractions based on the hall effect and electromagnetic sensing from piston driven skin contact.

Essentially it is a electromechanical band that listens to the sound of muscle contractions to give neural networks the data they need to detect muscle action group contractions that would normally control some movement in the hand.

Open Muscle was conceived to fulfill a need in the prosthetic industry. That need is training data. We at Open Muscle want to provide a platform to gather biometric muscle data in an organized fashion to be used to train future and current neural networks. Most data that is collected is proprietary and not shared with the general public making the data hard to get access to, expensive, and specialized. Our team is working hard to make these data sets easy to collect, inexpensive, and crowd sourced.

Lend a helping hand by submitting your own anonymous training data today!