A project log for gCore (II) - a dev board for portable GUI gadgets

A high-end ESP32 development board with a 480x320 pixel capacitive touchscreen and sophisticated features.

dan-julioDan Julio 01/27/2023 at 22:420 Comments

I always loved Galaga - although I have never been very good at video games - so I was excited when I found Till Haubaum's Galaga emulator already ported to the ESP32.  It was a pretty straight forward project to port it to gCore with one hiccup that caused me to spend a few hours getting audio to work again.  One cool thing is that  gCore's fast LCD updates allow for higher FPS than the original 40 MHz ILI9341.  The project is an Arduino sketch (Arduino 1.8.19 with the ESP Arduino 2.0.6 package).  Code in a github repo.