Solutions for Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity

I am sharing my best tricks to reduce electromagnetic noise in my house such that I can sleep and work better.

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I am describing my personal experience of how to dampen electromagnetic oscillations in my house that impact my well-being. The counter measures are quite simple such as ground wires with resistors and shungite. This project is meant to provide hints to other people who are as sensitive as I am. Congratulations to the rest of you who probably don't need to bother.

1              Personal Experience

Even so Wikipedia presents Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity EHS as an unproven claim, it is real enough for people who suffer from this condition. After all, nature has used all kinds of information sources available to let the animals – us – react in the best possible way for survival. It is very reasonable to get tired and hide in a cave, when a thunderstorm is approaching. On the other hand, if a beamer in a meeting creates a similar field, falling asleep is not appreciated. Furthermore, I have difficulties to keep my eyes straight. And no, it’s not just the flicker. I am really grateful for the development of LCD screens, since the old tube monitors also disturbed me and big LCDs are even replacing the beamers in meeting rooms. A great development!

On the other hand, there also seem to be fields that keep me awake or let me sleep deeply and wake up in a condition quite similar to a hangover.

I am aware, that the majority of the population apparently adapted to the modern life and got mostly insensitive to such fields. Lucky for you! You don’t need to continue reading. If you or a member of your family has similar issues, I may have some interesting clues for you.

I cannot tell whether other people will be sensitive to the same kind of fields. Actually, it even seems like there is something like an allergy against a certain pattern that builds up after spending an extended amount of time in one place (like my desk). Yet I hope that my tricks may work for you too.

I am not talking about the earth fields that can be found by dowsing but rather about the fields that are usually generated by the atmosphere and which are now created in over-abundance by technical means. Dowsing is another story. I cannot do it even so I tried it once. Yet I directly feel the effects of some atmospheric fields on my body. I can imagine that there is some truth in dowsing. For instance, when a dowser is looking for a water vain for a well, he is doing triangulation of the fields from different directions. That makes sense from a technical point of view. So, I ask myself: “Why should they apply sensible techniques if it’s all nonsense.” Yet it’s not my field of expertise.

2              Field studies

It is not a hobby and I don’t claim that it’s science. If I cannot sleep or if I cannot work I have to find a solution. I am presenting these solutions to you for consideration and as hints what you may try. On the other hand, your contributions are very welcome. So, I thought I should turn it into a project and I invite anyone to join.

2.1         A monster in the basement

I have not been able to sleep in my bedroom in the second floor for years and I couldn’t figure out the cause. Adjusting the electric grid e.g. plucking a power supply into a socket changed the situation a bit but didn’t result in any permanent solution. This solution only arose when I discussed electromagnetic compatibility and ground loops with Ermanno Antonelli in connection with my main project, the solar tracker. Ground loops are basically electromagnetic oscillators that build up in unexpected places in circuit board when capacitive elements (layers of the board) combine with inductive elements such as circuit lines. Suddenly I realized that I had such a ground loop network in my basement in the form of heavy duty shelves which are built up from steel elements and wooden boards. As a first attempt to dampen oscillations I had connected them to ground much earlier. This apparently didn’t solve the issue and may even have made things worse. Adding 200 Ohms resistors to the ground line made all the difference. Ever since I have been sleeping well.

This absolutely makes sense from a technical point of view. If you just connect structures...

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  • Quasi-blind experiment

    Ruediger F. Loeckenhoff11/21/2023 at 05:29 0 comments

    Without knowing I made a quasi-blind experiment. Suddenly I couldn’t sleep any more at night. The “three cups of coffee” feeling was back that I experienced before I had connected the metalworks in the basement with wires, resistors and pieces of shungite. After about three nights of bad sleep I had a look in the basement and realized, that both pieces of shungite had fallen down. They had been attached with tape and the glue had degraded. I reatached them and now I sleep well again. It really seems like the shungite attached to the side of the wire makes all the difference.

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