File System v3 and code editor

A project log for Pocket Arduino Microcomputer

Pocket microcomputer on an Arduino with user input and LCD display. The OS implements a file system and code editor and executor

NathanNathan 03/20/2023 at 08:320 Comments

So I wanted to make file writing more interractive, by implementing a code editor on the device. But for that I had to make the file system writable. I had vision before starting this project, that I had a wonderful idea of a file system. I was eager to implement it and play with it. And after hours of head scratching, I've come to a conclusion. It was flawed from the beginning. So I had to reimplement the file system again from the start. So I did,

And why not take that opportunity to finally switch onto the EEPROM ? So I did,

And I also implemented that code editor. 

But that means the code executor is no longer compatible with the new file system, so this is the next thing that will have to be implemented.