PIN Assignment

A project log for Field-Oriented-Control Stepper driver

Using the SimpleFOC Arduino librery we wish to drive a NEMA23 stepper using Field Oriented Control and possibly interface to Klipper HOST

Juan-Antonio Søren E.P.Juan-Antonio Søren E.P. 11/27/2022 at 18:320 Comments

The two current sense ANALOG input´s are assigned to ADC12_INP4 and ADC1_INP2, which should make it possible to use the dual ADC mode, for simultaneous samples.

That leaves ANALOG temperature (thermistor) port and ANALOG voltage_divider (BUS voltage) port on ADC3.

The HALL and ENCODER interface is on TIM3 CHA 1-3

All BLDC PWM signals are on TIM1 (Advanced Timer). Supports 4PWM stepper and 6PWM BLDC.