PCBs ordered

A project log for Wargames WOPR prop PCB

Remake of the WOPR computer "face" from the movie Wargames

justin-davisJustin Davis 11/14/2022 at 17:020 Comments

Ordered PCBs from EasyEDA/JLCPCB.  They were fairly cheap compared to other places.  The board is large, so any place that charges by size was expensive.  It was $31 for 5 not including shipping.  The size is 400x164mm or 15.7x6.5 inches.  That's a long board.

One problem I had was mounting.  There's two visible screws in the middle of the top, but that's it.  So I put four holes in the corners and made the board slightly larger.  I think I need some kind of picture frame or custom frame.  It's definitely too big for my 3D printer.  Maybe I can print one in pieces.