PCBs received

A project log for Wargames WOPR prop PCB

Remake of the WOPR computer "face" from the movie Wargames

justin-davisJustin Davis 12/02/2022 at 13:020 Comments

Always seems like forever, but got the PCBs in.  They look great.  I found a couple issues off the bat.  The chips I ordered were the wrong package size.  I designed for SOIC and got SOP.  Digikey has them listed wrong.  And the datasheet only indicates they are different in one small place.  There's not even a mechanical drawing of the SOP on it.  Anyway, it's still solderable, but it takes more care.  Maybe I will update my footprint to be compatible with both.

I also discovered I swapped my MOSI and MISO.  Not a huge problem, but now I'll have to bit-bang the SPI since those pins are hardwired.  Which makes it slower.  If it's a big problem I may cut traces and rewire.

Next up assembly.