Project finished (for now)

A project log for Wargames WOPR prop PCB

Remake of the WOPR computer "face" from the movie Wargames

justin-davisJustin Davis 01/13/2023 at 15:410 Comments

I think I've wrapped up how much I'm going to do for the project.  I updated the code so the display looks realistic.  Has a semi-randomness to it that looks like it's doing some kind of computation.  I updated the layout to reflect some changes that I think would really help, but I don't think I'll build another one.  I still need a case or some kind of mounting for it, but I can just get by with a few screws to prop it up for now.  I'm pretty happy with the result on the front side.  I hoped the back side would still look clean, but there's too many patch wires.  I guess I still have blank boards...

I put up the files on PCBWay to order in case anyone wants one.  They're kinda big so a little expensive, but just order black silkscreen!