KiCAD Coil Creator

Tool to create PCB coils for KiCad

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This program creates coil footprints in KiCAD. You simply download the files, edit with your desired parameters, then run the script to get the *.kicad_mod footprint file (drop into whatever KiCAD library you want)

The program is hosted here on GitHub:

For a bit more backstory: I am currently working on a bigger project, the OS3M mouse ( and am planning on using inductive sensing to tell the position of my 6DOF knob. As a PCB designer coming from Eagle, I was surprised to see no built-in coil creation support. In fact, I was surprised to see almost no support at all! The next best thing was a 7 year old github gist that was somewhat unclear on how it should be used ( And so, I got to work writing this program.

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