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    I have made two sections in this project, the Transmitter section, and the Receiver section for Harsh Weather Monitoring Using Arduino MKR 1300 and Blynk.

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    Transmitter Part

    The Transmitter section contains The Temperature, Humidity sensor, Light sensor, Mems Microphone, and Mems Accelerometer sensor. These sensors are interfaced with the Arduino MKR 1300 Board along with The external antenna. A lithium battery is used to power all the sensors and Microcontroller, this battery is able to standby for up to 7 days in this project. To protect the circuit from the harsh weather I have used Hammond Enclosure Case 1554UGY Water Tight ABS 200x120x90 Enclosure. The sensor details are collected and transmitted Over LoRa Using Arduino MKR 1300.

    Transmitter Section Block Diagram