Erick Presents: Z80 CPU Homemade Computer

It's just my own (nerd) paint palette of ideas about when the computers were much more fascinating than frightening!!!

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Let me explore what of most amazing things I can do with obsolete and old technology looking through the eyes of its future, our present, to discover some hiden secrets, features and capabilities of those lovely and old things...

I am ALWAYS assembling and disassembling it... hahaha
Actually I am programing it in Z80 Assembly Language Syntax and recently I have started to study C Language. At the very beginning of it, I really was programing bit by bit as a really "Machine Language / Binary / Hex" programmer!!!...

Still learning how to use hackaday plataform...

  • 1 × CPU ZiLOG Z80 CPU - Z84C0020PEC - 20MHz
  • 1 × Memory EPROM AT28C64-15PC
  • 1 × LCD 20x4 - 2004A-V1.1

  • Z80 on TV via AV

    Erick M.B. d. S.11/27/2022 at 01:47 0 comments

    One day I shall teach you how to do this only using a Z80 CPU without any special chip...

    #z80 #tv

  • ZiLOG Z80 - curiosities

    Erick M.B. d. S.11/27/2022 at 01:41 0 comments

    Z80 CPU - Have you ever seen one?
    Curiosities here:


    • May 1976 by ZiLOG.

    Number of transistors:

    1. ZiLOG Z80 CPU: 8500
    2. Intel 8085 CPU: 6500.
    3. Intel 8080 CPU: 4500.


    • 158 different "instruction types" (FUNCTIONS) including all 78 of the Intel 8080A CPU [datasheet].
    • Intel 8080 CPU instructions: 256.
      • 196 fully compatible with Z80;
      • 58 DIFFERENT intructions opcodes;
      • Z80 compatibility: 76,56%.
    • Z80 CPU:
      • Documented instructions: 694;
      • Undocumented instructions: 710;
      • Total instructions: 1404.

    My model:

    • Part No. Z84C0020PEC.
      •  "84C00" means "CMOS technology".
      • "20" means "20MHz max frequency".
      • "PEC" means "unfilled Poly(ethylene carbonate)" - therefore: Temperature range: Extended industrial: −40 °C to 85 °C.
    • "1822 GZ" = UNKNOWN DATA.

    My Instagram:

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